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As a family that has been blessed with much, we want to give something back to the people around us.  So with the various talents and things we've learned over the years, we are happy to offer a range of services for the benefit of others.  Okay, so they benefit us as well as these are not free services, but as we try to make our way in life, we can do something for others at the same time as trying to supplement our earnings elsewhere.

We're in the process of updating this page as we revamp our services to you so please see below and also check back soon for more info.  But basically, if you need Social Enterprise support, basic website development, or some cool photos, then we have the services for you.  We hope to be able to engage with you very soon.

Community / Social Enterprise Development Support

Do you have a Community or Social Enterprise Project that you need help with or even just the seed of an idea for one? Then go to this page for information on how I can help you.

Website Development

I have used Wordpress and Wix packages to build and run websites and can do that for you too.  More information coming shortly on exactly how I can help, but feel free to get in touch in the meantime.  Example sites of mine, apart from this one,  include:

Charteris Centre 

The Learning Meadow

Camelon Juniors Football Club

Photos for Sale

As a keen photographer, I'm always showing other people my favourite shots.  So the next obvious step was to allow others to buy my images in a range of formats  

This page will give you the opportunity to the chance to get one yourself!

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