What I get up to!

This is a summary of some of the main things I'm involved in just now:


Community Coach

My day job is playing right into my passion to support people to reach their potential.  Instead of usual community development where I've been the one developing the projects, this time I get to develop people to develop the projects.  Its so much more sustainable and a real blessing too.  Click the heading to go to the Our Place Camelon and Tamfourhill website to find out more. 


Hear I am to Worship on Pheonix Country Radio

I am part of the preaching team on this weekly online radio show (Sundays at 12pm, repeated on Tuesdays at 6pm) that is fronted by my friend Keith Poole.  The show is linked to Lawview Christian Fellowship but with the Phoenix airtime, now has a listenership of around 8000 people worldwide.  My contribution comes up once a month. You can listen online at Pheonix Country Radio, on your smart speaker or a couple of other ways too.



Having voiced some Word in Season thoughts for the day and covered the breakfast show for 2 weeks in July/August 2021, watch this space for something new and really exciting in February 2022 on this brilliant Scottish based Christian radio station.  You can listen on 93.0 or 100.8FM in the Glasgow and surrounding area, online at Revival.FM, on your smart speaker and the radio player app.


Website Development

I have used Wordpress and Wix packages to build and run websites and can do that for you too.  It's an adhoc sideline thing so just get in touch for more info.  Example sites of mine, apart from this one,  include:

The Learning Meadow (built and ongoing maintainance)

Our Place Camelon and Tamfourhill (built and ongoing maintaince)

Charteris Centre (built and ran up to April 2020)